Concerns from the Northeast Division Conference

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Good evening sir:


At the Northeast Division Conference several areas of concern were brought forth by the delegates present.  I stated at the meeting I would send an email to you so they can be addressed.

The server concern was addressed by the email forwarded to the Board by the Office Manager yesterday; that email has been forwarded to the Assistant Vice Commandant and the Department Commandants.

The other areas of concern are:

Marine Roses – The availability was Marine Roses is a great concern.  Many detachments in the Northeast use the Marine Roses as their major fundraiser.  The delegates stated the roses are always on back order.  They are wondering when they will be in and when will the back order issue be resolved.

Quickbooks – Many of the delegates were at the Mid-Winter Conference and heard about the loss of Quickbooks data.  They were wondering if the entry is complete and when the budget committee would be able to meet to give the Board an accurate look at the Marine Corps League financial situation.

Covers / Blazers – Several delegates stated that after the National Convention they provided you with contact information for companies in Pennsylvania that make the Marine Corps League blazers and covers.  They stated to the best of their knowledge these companies were never contacts.  They were upset when they walked into Ships Stores at Mid-Winter and found blazers with Made in China labels.

Membership Cards – Several delegates stated they renewed their dues and when they received their cards they did not have a August 2017 date, rather they had various months in 2017 and 2018.

The new database was discussed.  The paymasters are concerned about the unknowns.  It was clearly stated there will be webinars in the future at various levels.  They were also told not all the processes have been worked out, but should be worked out prior to going live.  Overall the reaction was good but cautious.

We had a great conference and the delegates shared a lot of their concerns.  Many of the concerns were addressed by the delegates in breakout sessions or just talking on the conference floor.  There are a lot of members in the Northeast that want to help make things better and they are willing to work at the local levels and have it migrate up the chain.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to address these concerns.  We look forward to your reply.


PDC (PCDD) Leanna L. Dietrich

Northeast Division Vice Commandant

Marine Corps League, Inc.

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