We would like to invite you again to participate in the Rutgers Oral History Archives interview series with New Jersey residents.

The first step is to fill out a survey, which I’ve attached. Please fill it out to the degree you feel comfortable and return it to our office or via email. Once we receive your survey, we can begin planning for your interview session. In addition, feel free to add a résumé, news clippings, etc., and/or include additional information on a separate sheet of paper. If it’s more convenient, we can mail you a copy and a self-addressed stamped envelope and you can mail it back at no cost.

Rutgers Interview (229 downloads)

Interviews are recorded in digital audio. A basic transcript is produced, then, reviewed for accuracy by a ROHA staff member. You will then have the opportunity to review the transcript for accuracy and to ensure that no harmful or embarrassing material is made public. Your interview is kept confidential until you agree to its release. Depending upon your wishes, the completed transcript may be withheld from immediate public release or may be released in an abridged version. You will receive copies of both the recordings and final transcripts.

All material approved for release will become part of the Rutgers Oral History Archives’ public collection. The audio recordings and final full-text interview transcripts are housed at Rutgers Special Collections & University Archives, Alexander Library, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The public collection is made available through the ROHA website (http://oralhistory.rutgers.edu) and Special Collections. We protect the confidentiality of materials embargoed from public use and manage the use of the collection in accordance with the interviewee’s wishes.

I look forward to interviewing you. If you have any questions about the interview process, please feel free to contact me at (207) 807-0109.

Molly Graham, Assistant Director
Rutgers Oral History Archives
Department of History
88 College Avenue, Room 307
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
732-932-8190 (office)
207-807-0109 (cell)

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