We had many awards to hand out at the 2023 Department of New Jersey Banquet in recognition of our members who give beyond what is needed to make our organization work. 

Newsletter Awards:
1st place – Basilone Detachment
2nd place – Lakeland Detachment
3rd place – West Hudson Detachment

Eagle Scout Awards:
1st place – Semper Fidelis
2nd place – Burlington Detachment

Alexander P Hornsby Award: 
Less than 125 members – Passaic County Detachment
More than 125 members – John Basilone Detachment

Recruiter of the Year:
Scott Seymour – Hunterdon County Bulldogs Detachment

Commandant of the Year: 
Jack Engdahl – West Hudson Detachment

District Vice of the Year: 
Scott Seymour – Hunterdon County Bulldogs Detachment

Department Commandants Award: 
Gary Watson – PFC Daniel Giordano Detachment
Paul Thompson – Lakeland Detachment

Victor T. Fischer: 
Mike Waluk – Central Jersey Leathernecks Detachment

Lifetime Acheivement Award:
Joeseph White – Passiac County Detachment

Murray J. Sklar Role Model Award: 
Janet Misak – John Baslinone Detachment

Marine of the Year: 
Tracy Diminick – Hunterdon County Bulldogs Detachment

Tilly Lanner Award: 
Jan Reed

Pack Dog of the Year: 
Jay Hauck – West Hudson Detachment

Associate of the Year: 
Joeseph Leone – Basilone Detachment

Updated 6/14/23