Department Of New Jersey Awards

Some of our members have gone above and beyond for our organization and have been recognized for the following awards:


  • The Department of New Jersey Marine Of the Year
  • Victor T. Fischer Award
  • The Murray Sklar Role Model Award
  • Detachment Commandant of the Year
  • District Vice Commandant of the Year
  • District Vice Commandant Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Department Commandant’s Special Recognition Award.

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-Semper Fidelis!

Department of New Jersey

Marine of the Year

Chris "Tool" Soldano


Department Of New Jersey Marines of the Year Guidelines

  • Recommendation must come from the Detachment
  • There can only be one recommendation from each Detachment
  • Candidate must be a member of the Marine Corps League for no less than three (3) years
  • Letter of recommendations should include what the candidate has done at the Detachment, Department and Division levels along with other activities
  • Recommendations must be mailed to the Department Commandant by March 1st, using the two (2) envelope system.

Department of New Jersey

Victor T. Fischer Award

John Cleary


Year Name Detachment
2019-2020 John Cleary West Hudson

Department of New Jersey

Murray Sklar Role Model Award

1stSgt David Alito


Department of New Jersey

Chapel of the Four Chaplains


Commandant of the Year

Rich Hyjack


Year Name Detachment
2020 Rich Hyjack Jackson Marines
2019 Gary White Cpl. Kevin J. Reinhard Detachment
2018 Eddie Neas Slattery Detachment
2017 Myriam Charriez Basilone Detachment
2016 Bob Beck Slattery Detachment
2015 Louis Santucci Jr. Burlington County Detachment
2014 Joe Patrick Cape Atlantic Detachment
2013 George Kiss Jersey Shore Leathernecks Detachment
2013 Molly Heany Jersey Shore Marines Detachment
2012 Timothy Daudelin LCPL Barker Detachment
2011 Mark Paradis Hunterdon County Bulldogs Detachment
2010 Brian Gillespie Jersey Shore Marines Detachment
2009 John Foos Dorn Detachment
2008 Harry Prince Semper Fidelis Detachment
2007 Carmen Staino 1775 Detachment
2006 Pete Gallo Slattery Detachment
2005 Joe Sabol Burlington County Detachment
2005 Jim Wentzell Salem County Detachment
2004 Tony Modzelewski Reynolds Detachment
2003 Pat Dechirico Hunterdon County Bulldogs Detachment

District Vice Commandant of the Year

Casper Everhard


Year Name
2018 Robert Bal
2017 John Cleary
2016 Gary Watson
2016 Michael Waluk
2015 Dan Bradley
2014 Bob Matkowski
2013 Bob Boon
2013 Rich Hijack
2012 AL Frater
2011 Don Shterban
2010 Charles Fields
2009 Charles Beatty
2008 Frank Bieniek
2007 Tim Rohan
2006 Joe Sabol
2005 Charles Beatty
2005 Jack Reader
2004 Jack Reader
2003 Pat Dechirico

District Vice Commandant Lifetime Achievement Award



Year Name
2018 Joe Sabol
2017 Tony Modzelewski
2015 James Bastein
2014 Murry Sklar
2013 Bill Wilson
2012 Robert Swain

Department Commandant Special Recognition Award

Matthew Veprek


Year Name
2019 Matthew Veprek
2018 Joe DeAngelo
2017 Joe Patrick
2016 Doug Rattazzi
2015 Rich Basile
2014 Doug Rattazzi
2013 Dan Bradley
2012 Dave Keene
2011 Bill Wilson
2011 Tony Modzelewski
2010 Don Mack
2009 Charles Fields
2008 Bill Wilson
2007 Rich Basile
2006 Bob Fackina
2005 Phil Uecker
2004 Dick Brant
2003 Lew Wasrick
2002 Jim Wentzell

Past Department Commandants

Doug Rattazzi


Years Name
2017-2019 Doug Rattazzi
2015-2017 Harry Prince
2013-2015 Rosemary Fleming
2011-2013 Tony Modzelewski
2009-2011 Robert P. Fackina Jr.
2007-2009 Philip J. Uecker
2005-2007 William Wilson
2003-2005 Richard Basile
2001-2003 Robert Swain
1999-2001 Lou Dispenza
1997-1999 James V. Leta
1996-1997 Herman (BUD) Cooper
1995-1996 Matthew Jordan
1993-1995 William Siebel
1992-1993 Robert Applebaum
1990-1992 Robert Leonard
1988-1990 Carl Rizzolo
1986-1988 Edward Hoth
1984-1986 William O'Brien
1983-1984 John R. (Buddy) Culotta
1981-1983 William P. Burke
1979-1981 John C. Muerdler Sr.
1977-1979 Donald O. Gast
1975-1977 James C. Kelly, PNC
1973-1975 Robert M. Horne Jr.
1971-1973 Edward A. Schramm, PNC
1970-1971 Robert Fickina Sr.
1969-1970 Harry A. Andrews
1968-1969 Robert F. Jones
1967-1968 Michael Isky
1966-1967 Melvin E. Henderson
1965-1966 Wilber E. Feick
1963-1965 John R. Prihoda
1961-1963 Robert W. Carhart
1959-1961 John Ruggiero
1957-1959 Bill G. Kremper
1955-1957 Charles T. Brown
1954-1955 Joseph Yunker
1953-1954 William Adash
1951-1953 Stephen Molnar
1950-1951 Bernard J. Stapleton
1949-1950 Albert W. Martis
1948-1949 Anthony John Niosi
1947-1948 Thomas E. Durett
1946-1947 John E. Heney
1945-1946 Charles A. Gallagher
1944-1945 Charles Sambach
1942-1944 John R. O'Brien, PNC
1941-1942 Alexander F. Ormsby, PNC
1940-1941 Gerald L. Bakelaar
1939-1940 Stephen Roberts
1938-1939 Gerald L. Bakelaar
1937-1938 Fred R. Scheitlin
1936-1937 William F. Bush
1935-1936 Jack Dennis
1935 Oliver Kelly
1934-1935 George O'Brien
1933-1934 Jess Rogers
1932-1933 Kenneth R. Collings
1931-1932 Jack Brennan, HPNC
1930-1931 Charles Andro

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