This is a last-minute reminder announcement before our convention kicks off officially today.

The revised itinerary is attached to this post. Please disseminate to your respective members.

  1. All officer and staff reports are due now. Please complete them and forward to Dept Adjutant Adrian Mansilla ASAP (
  2. All officer and staff reports will be made part of the minutes as recorded by the Department Adjutant. Any received reports will be forwarded via email to all Detachment Commandants and District Vices on Thursday, June 2nd. There will be no paper reports available at the convention for distribution.As in the past, all are reminded that reports are considered business records and are not to be shared with anyone outside of this organization. This includes but is not limited to budgetary items.
  3. Donations for the Department’s Scholarship funds will be gratefully received during the convention sessions.
  4. Uniform of the Day for the convention is as follows:Thursday – Casual civilian attire, meaning wear what you want. Officers and Staff are asked to wear their Dept Golf shirt if available.

    Friday – The UOD for all Officers and Staff members for the entire business session will be the short-sleeve undress uniform with ribbons, and black or Dress Blues Trousers and MCL cover. All other attendees are encouraged to wear the short sleeve undress uniform if available or appropriate business-casual attire, with MCL cover.


    For the remainder of the business meeting session – Short sleeve undress uniform with ribbons and black or Dress Blues Trousers with MCL cover.

    For the Memorial Service and Installation Ceremonies – Casual uniform for all Officers and Staff members (Red blazer with black trousers and MCL cover. Appropriate business attire for other attendees not having the Casual Uniform available to him or her.


    • MCL Formal Attire or Red Blazers. NO COVERS for the banquet.
    • Department’s 50/50 will be announced at the banquet. Tickets will be available up to and during the banquet.
  5. All 50/50 tickets and money is turned over to Mike Apricena at the convention if you have not already done so.
  6. Ladies Auxiliary will have their tricky tray table and raffle tickets available during the convention.
  7. Department Quartermaster Rob Kubinak will have his shop open during the convention.
  8. Lunch will be available for purchase at the Hospitality Room on Friday and Saturday. Lunch will consist of a Jersey Mike’s sub, chips and soda for $7.00 each day. Coupons will be available for purchase at the registration desk.

Thank you and see you at the convention!

Semper Fi

John Cleary, P.C.
Department of New Jersey
Marine Corps League

2022 Convention Schedule (1098 downloads)