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From: Bob Borka,  Headquarters Marine Corps League
Subject: Library

Please go to our main website and lock the library link. It will go to:

My wife and I have spent a few evenings building it. Certainly not done but it is what I was looking for – more than just a list of documents but they are easy to find.

A library in the bigger sense.

It contains a blog (4th General Order) for events – and someone already posted. It has a photo gallery – like for conventions and events.

Anyway, check it out.

I can add as many tabs as I want. I may add a calendar for events, could add a Officers page, etc. WordPress is a very powerful tool.

Not trying to replace our main website but I want “live” control in our hands and not wait a month for important info to be passed or shared.

Our main website has a link to this site.



Bob Borka

Chief Operating Officer

Headquarters Marine Corps League

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